Easily manage all wholesale clothing orders for your boutique in one place

The cornerstone for any successful business is organization and efficiency. Who honestly has time to go to market, come home, make spreadsheets, then have to manually adjust your spreadsheets as inventory comes in? No one. We all have a lot going on and Market 2 Boutique is going to simplify your life and save you money!


Do you mainly buy at markets? Do you order from sites like Fashiongo? Do you buy directly from China? Do you use several avenues to buy your inventory? No matter how you order your inventory, you’re going to want to use M2B!


If you’re a hesitant buyer, or an impulsive buyer, this is the right tool for you! M2B has an option to save your orders as drafts if you need to think over your purchase before pulling the trigger. You can review each order as many times as you need before deciding yay or nay on confirming or deleting it in M2B.


For the more impulsive buyers, you can input your orders as you’re making them, not having to think of them again until you receive them! You have the option to put in as much or as little info as you’d like… and you’re done! No spreadsheets, no filing invoices, we do all the work for you!


Having all your orders in one place is huge! No more sifting through papers, files or spreadsheets… No more losing invoices and having to hunt down the price of an item… no more wondering what all you ordered…life can be so much easier and more efficient for you!