Keep track up your monthly and market budgets

Budget, Budget, Budget! Any business book you read stresses the importance of budgeting over and over… why?  Because it makes or breaks businesses!


At M2B, we understand people budget in all different ways and we wanted to have a way for you to budget, no matter which way you prefer! Let us give you a run down of how our budgeting software can work for you:


  1. Budget by month.  If you operate on a monthly budget and don’t like to detail things out, this is the budget plan for you! You set your budget for the month, and our system tells you what you’ve spent for that month (calculated from your ship dates), and what you have left to spend! It even calculates your “drafts” so you always know your spending options!
  2. Another budget you can set is a “Market Budget”.  Are you headed to market soon? You save your new trip as a market trip (ex: Atlanta Market January 2019).  Within this trip, you can set a specific budget for that market trip. You can input a broad budget for your whole market trip, or you can break it down into categories (tops, bottoms, dresses, etc.) or number of specific styles in a category.
  3. The last category of budgeting options is “Category Budgets”.  You can budget by the number of a specific style you need… say you need to order 20 different dresses from that market trip- you can input the number “20” in there so you know exactly how many you’ve bought as you go!


As you can tell from the options, there’s a budgeting tool for everyone! Knowing exactly where your money is going… and when is CRUCIAL for any successful business! Budgeting is hard… but it doesn’t have to be with M2B!


Testimony:  Budgeting was always my achilles heel.  I just wasn’t good at it. I’d have too much stuff coming in one month and not enough the next month… it was just always a mess for me!  But now, using M2B’s budgeting feature, I know exactly how to handle my orders. It’s so helpful because now it’s easy to tell vendors to push orders to the next month as I’m placing them if I see my budget for a certain month is already met and it’s low for another month. I know exactly what to expect of my bank account and my stress level has gone WAY down. I HIGHLY recommend the budgeting feature for every business owner… go from having a general idea (that sometimes may be wrong) of how much you’ve spent, to knowing down to the exact dollar! Why wouldn’t anyone do this?!