Track upcoming orders

M2B works like a giant inventory tracking machine. You can look through your drafts (unplaced orders), your orders awaiting shipment, your closed orders (received), and the in-house calendar we provide let’s you know exactly when your items are coming in and what’s late!


This is incredibly helpful for a few reasons… every get a summer shipment of tank tops in the dead of winter? Ever get sweaters the beginning of July… that you ordered for last January shipment? We all know how this goes… items are backordered, the vendors ship dates are wrong…. You get busy and don’t remember to cancel…and you get stuck with the items months later, in the wrong season. This won’t happen anymore with M2B! By setting the ship dates when you’re inputting orders, we now track your ship dates for you! When items haven’t been received, look at your M2B calendar for the alerts… you’ll know exactly when to call vendors and cancel items. You’ll never be stuck with late shipments again!


Knowing when you’re orders are coming and who they are from is crucial in the boutique world. It helps with budgeting, it helps with seasonal inventory, it helps you know when to schedule employees… there are too many benefits of M2B and order tracking to not take advantage of this tool!


Testimony: I was the world’s worst for ordering at markets and onFashiongo and never having a plan for when my inventory was coming in. If it was cute, I bought it! I was also the world’s worst at forgetting backordered items that I had ordered— then they didn’t come in until months later and I was stuck with them in exactly the wrong season. It was so frustrating! M2B has completely transformed my business. It has made me the organized person I always dreamed of being! I know when my orders are coming, I can plan help accordingly, and if they don’t show up, I call the vendor immediately! No more seriously overdue shipments for this girl! And now I schedule people to come help me unbox when I know I’ll need help… not after I’m already overwhelmed! Order tracking with M2B has been AMAZING!